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Hi, I’m Catherine. I’m a graphic design expert.

I create brand identities through design, materials, and digital presentations.

I love working with entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers & churches.

As a self started entrepreneur myself, I am invested in helping others make their brand shine. when you work with me, you're not getting a boring or stiff presentation-you’re getting the best creative and professional design strategy for your needs.

I've worked with start-ups and young business people for years, as a speaker for the Self Employment in the Arts conference and as a pester for Enactus, two programs that foster young business leaders from their college years to end. marketing and business are ingrained in my being,

Now, I want to share that with you.

Founder & CEO

Catherine Borzym

Bringing out your brand's beauty

I'm a designer & an artist. I've taught art classes, created stunning murals, and made sophisticated designs that inspired others into action and thought. I have the know how to take your next digital presentation from boring to fabulous.

Let's set up a time to connect and see what we can create for you.

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