Online dating is gaining in popularity and quickly becoming the norm. It’s an awesome way for busy men and women to connect and get to know each other before setting up that all-important first date. If you’re a small business owner, it becomes even more important to get your online dating profile right, so you can meet a potential love interest who understands the demands on your time, your business makes. Use the following tips to create a profile that grabs the right attention and eases the loneliness and isolation of entrepreneurship. I met my AMAZING boyfriend, Adam, online and he’s been super supportive and encouraging while I’m building our relationship alongside my business.

Much like branding your small business, branding your online dating profile is important for making the right connections. Start by posting multiple photos of yourself, including:

  • Current photos – nobody needs to see a picture of you in high school)
  • Plenty of pictures that showcase your personality. I had one with my cat.
  • Post photos of JUST YOU. If you post a group picture, people won’t know which one is you.  
  • Don’t post pictures of yourself with babies – no matter how adorable they are. Interested dates might not know if it’s actually your kid or not.

You’ve taken the plunge and signed up to find interesting people, so don’t be afraid to message the people you’re interested in. Some guys and gals need a gentle nudge to get started. Don’t feel like you need to agree to invitations to date right away. Spend time on your chosen dating app getting to know someone, then progress to exchanging phone numbers, and set up that first date only when you’re comfortable and ready.

Most people are a tad uncomfortable with online dating at first, but hey, it could result in something amazing!!You have to put yourself out there. Try multiple dating sites because each site appeals to a different demographic (there’s the small biz owner in me coming through). I was on three dating sites: Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish, and Have fun with online dating, and DON’T be ashamed of it. Digital technology has made it commonplace and acceptable.

Don’t put all your personal business on display for the entire word to see, but do use your profile to weed out the crazies. Be upfront about what you will and won’t accept and don’t hesitate to say no to folks who don’t meet your criteria. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to try new dating adventures or date against type – you might just uncover a diamond in the rough.

When you meet the right one, take your relationship offline.  Go on dates, hang out, get to know each other! So, what happens when you meet the right someone? When do you know it’s the right time to remove your dating profile? Adam deleted his first (ain’t he the best?). When you’re ready to take your relationship offline and become an exclusive couple – go for it! I hope these tips gave you a boost of online dating confidence and lead to the best dating season of your life!